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Pam Cavender BA (Hons) FCCA


Pam is the Certified Accountant charged with the responsibility for all client accounting functions carried out by Dexter Brown, including professional and statutory compliance.  Pam joined the team in early 2005 having previously spent 5 years as the Company Accountant and Company Secretary to a property investment and development company.  It follows that Pam’s experience encompasses dealing with public bodies, secretariat requirements and corporate accounting needs.

Pam runs a “tight ship” as necessitated by the stringent requirements set down by clients with high levels of cash flow controlled on a daily basis.  Reporting is constant and virtually 100% electronic.  Pam’s experience enables her to react frequently and efficiently to a constant stream of client reporting needs.  As required by the RICS all banking is undertaken daily, in the main via direct modem links.

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