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Bill Skinner BSc FRICS

bill.skinner@dexterbrown.com Bill is widely accepted as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced surveyors in the Milton Keynes market.  Bills' career started with Dunlop Holdings in 1979, with a move to the MK Development Corporation in 1984.  Bill was promoted to the Head of Estates at the Corporation after 3 years.  Bill then spent 6 years with Morgan Grenfell Laurie and another 6 years with Lambert Smith Hampton in Milton Keynes, before joining Dexter Brown at the start of 2005. As a long standing property asset manager Bill manages an extensive and varied portfolio, predominantly located around Milton Keynes, but with significant properties in London.  Bills highly personal and committed approach to his clients is most complimentary to the Dexter Brown ethos....

Richard Lee BSc (Hons) MRICS

richard.lee@dexterbrown.com Richard has spent the majority of his professional career based in Milton Keynes, with just a four-year period based in Catella's Mayfair offices.  Prior to Catella, Richard was based in the local office of Morgan Grenfell for 6 years, preceded by a 5-year period with MK Development Corporation. As Richard has always worked in the asset management field he has a wealth of experience in the complexities of the statutory requirements and all other considerable liabilities which are imposed upon owners of property today. Since 1996 Richard has worked closely with Trevor on several complex properties where asset management activity, over and above daily management, is required to achieve client Business Plan targets.

Jeremy Levy
Jeremy Levy

Jeremy is a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer with over 10 years’ experience specialising in all areas of professional work including rent reviews, lease renewals and red book valuations. Working closely with other areas of the business Jeremy is able to provide an accurate and focused service and is able to achieve the best results whether working for landlord or tenant. Jeremy also has experience in residential property valuations and is a particular specialist in enfranchisement valuations.

Barbara Davidson

Management Accounts

barbara.davidson@dexterbrown.com Barbara is the newest member of the Dexter Brown Accounts team, working primarily on Tramps, but also providing a management accounts support function to the various surveyors. Barbara’s day to day routines involve undertaking specific tasks arising on a property by property basis, ensuring time constraints are met. Tasks may involve verification of data and records, problem solving, and service charge administration. In the latter regard Barbara works alongside the surveyors in the establishment of service charge schedules at the time of a property purchase, the coding of supplies, and then the completion of annual reconciliations in strict accordance with the lease provisions. As a member of the Accounts time Barbara is familiar with all the professional duties imposed by client contracts, lease covenants, professional and regulatory bodies, and as such Barbara is always available to support The Accountant when heavy workloads require.

Pam Cavender BA (Hons) FCCA


pam.cavender@dexterbrown.com Pam is the Certified Accountant charged with the responsibility for all client accounting functions carried out by Dexter Brown, including professional and statutory compliance.  Pam joined the team in early 2005 having previously spent 5 years as the Company Accountant and Company Secretary to a property investment and development company.  It follows that Pam’s experience encompasses dealing with public bodies, secretariat requirements and corporate accounting needs. Pam runs a "tight ship" as necessitated by the stringent requirements set down by clients with high levels of cash flow controlled on a daily basis.  Reporting is constant and virtually 100% electronic.  Pam’s experience enables her to react frequently and efficiently to a constant stream of client reporting needs.  As required by the RICS all banking is undertaken daily, in the main via direct modem links.

Penny Barnett

Management Support

penny.barnett@dexterbrown.com Penny has a longstanding association with property management having recently joined Dexter Brown from Lambert Smith Hampton, where Penny fulfilled a support role in the management team. Penny now assists the surveyors in controlling and monitoring systems established for the smooth running of regular tasks and activities, many of which necessitate the supervision of external specialist contractors.  Penny also co-ordinates site visits, regular inspections and the monitoring of specific maintenance tasks and projects. The knowledge of specific properties gained by Penny when completing the above tasks ensures that third party activities maintain their momentum at all times, assisting the efficiency of the overall management task.